Fort Peck Tribal Court

Fort Peck Tribes Comprehensive Code of Justice:

Title 1 General Provisions
Title 2 Courts
Title 3 Government Organization
Title 4 Enrollment
Title 5 Elections
Title 6 Criminal Procedures
Title 7 Criminal Offenses
Title 8 Civil Procedures
Title 9 Youth Code
Title 10 Family Code
Title 11 Involuntary Commitment
Title 12 Probate and Guardianship
Title 13 Indian Employment and Contracting Preferences
Title 14 Health and Sanitation
Title 15 Landlord and Tenant – Forcible Detainer and Eviction
Title 16 Tribal Education Code
Title 17 Highways
Title 18 Livestock
Title 19 Game and Fish Management
Title 20 Water Resources Use & Administration
Title 21 Flood Plain and Flood Way Management Ordinance
Title 22 Protection Of The Environment
Title 23 Taxation
Title 24 Commercial Law
Title 25 Foreclosure of Mortgages and Liens on Real Estate
Title 26 Tribal State Agreements Oversight Commission
Title 27 Licensing and Regulation of Bingo and other Games of Chance
Title 28 Cigarette Retailer and Licensing
Title 29 Adult Protection
Title 32 Cultural Resource Protection Ordinance
Title 33 Fort Peck Tribal Executive Board Code of Ethics


Appendix 1 Constitution and Bylaws of the Assiniboine & Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation
Appendix 2 Rules of Civil Procedure
Appendix 3 Rules of Appellate Procedure
Appendix 4 Code of Ethics for Court Clerks
Appendix 5 Code of Ethics for Attorneys & Lay Counselors
Appendix 6 Code of Judicial Conduct
Appendix 7 Rules of Procedure for Judicial Conduct Commission
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